The browser can not run properly

1. The difference between Zip version and Setup version?

For the users fond of concision, please try the Zip version without installation. You can extract it to any folder and run it. (You need to create a shortcut manually).

The setup version of TheWorld Browser integrates some scripts and provides you some options during installation. You can choose the options of setup operation. It is recommended to use the setup version of TheWorld.

2. TheWorld Browser can not run on Windows 2000 (missing gdiplus.dll)

Cause: gdiplus.dll is a graphic library provided by Microsoft. This file is required for TheWorld Browser.

Solution: Click here to download, and then extract it. Then place the file gdiplus.dll to System32 folder on your operating system.

3. The default browser settings become invalid. (Links in other programs can not be opened in TheWorld.)

Cause 1: Other software has modified your default browser settings.

Solution 1: Click the icon     and select "Default Browser". You can set TheWorld as your default browser again.

Cause 2: The security software or anti-virus software in your computer protects the key settings of your system and prevents them from modification by other programs.

Solution 2: Add TheWorld Browser to the white list in your security software. Or pause your security software before you set TheWorld as your default browser.

4.TheWorld Options display abnormally or become blank.

Input the following commands in Start Menu→Run.

regsvr32 JScript.dll

regsvr32 VBscript.dll

Note: You need to run as administrator on Windows Vista and Windows 7.

5. Forum cookies are often missing.(I have to login again after closing the browser.)

First of all, this is not a bug of the browser. TheWorld Browser will not clean your cookies automatically. The causes and solutions are listed as follows.


There will be User Agent String information of your browser in cookies files. Some websites will distinguish the User Agent strings in your current browser and your cookies in order to choose whether to use these cookies. Once different strings are found, the cookies will become invalid. And you have to log in again. At the present time, most of the browsers will add their names in HTTP User Agent Strings so that the server operating staff can distinguish the browsers. Therefore, if you use several browsers in turn, you have to log in repeatedly because of the different User Agent in these browsers.

Moreover, if you have enabled auto-clean on exit (In Options→Basic→Privacy), cookies will be lost when you restart the browser.


If you need to visit forums with different browsers, please enable "Unity user agent between IE and TheWorld (restart required)" in Options→Advanced→Others.

6. The browser window often becomes transparent, directly to the desktop.

Cause: Because the priciple of Anti-freeze is special, it needs continuously improvements to avoid this problem.

Solution: Disable Anti-freeze function temporarily.

7.The Memory usage is too high.

Cause: Under the frame of multi-process in TheWorld Browser, the memory usage will be higher than the usage of the single process mode. But it can release the resources occupied by web pages. If you browse the web for a long time, the memory usage will be lower than single process mode. Moreover, it can effectively prevent the browser from crashing caused by unresponsive pages.

Solution: You can choose to use single process mode. But the features of multi-process will not be available in single process mode. Click here to view Process Mode Switch introductions.

8.The CPU usage stays very high.

Cause: Elements on web pages such as scripts, Flash and so on will cause a high CPU usage. And when web pages freeze, CPU usage may stays very high.

Solution: Press Shift+Esc to open Task Manager and terminate the process with a very high CPU usage. The web page will crash after being terminated. You can click "Restore the crashed page" to get it back.

If you need more help for using TheWorld,please Enter TheWorld Forum.