• What is RSS news?

    RSS is a technology for information aggregation. Many websites support news subscription based on RSS technology, and you can conveniently learn more about the most recent information on these websites. If you have subscribed RSS news in a website, you can keep up with the latest information on this website via Subscription folder.

  • Do I need to subscribe RSS news?

    If you often visit one website and want to keep up with the information on it, you may subscribe RSS news on this site. It allows you to view the updated news on this site via Subscription folder more timely.

    And if you just visit one website occasionally, we suggest you not to subscribe RSS news on this site. The frequently updated RSS news will make you bored.

  • How to find RSS news on websites?

    There are two common ways to find RSS news provided by the websites.

    1. There might be icons like     or     . Every icon is a corresponding link to subscribe RSS news.

    2. Click the “Subscribe” button      in Sidebar Subscription folder. The Subscription folder will find out and list RSS news available in the current page. ( This function requires the extension of Subscription folder. Click here to install it. )

  • How to subscribe RSS news?

    You need to install the extension of “Subscription folder” before you can subscribe RSS news. Click here to install it.

    When you click RSS icons in web pages, a page of RSS news will be opened. Click the subscription link in the yellow strip      , and you can subscribe the current RSS new into Sidebar Subscription folder.

    Moreover, click the button      in Sidebar Subscription folder to find out whether there is RSS news available in the current page. You can also subscribe RSS news with this method.


  • What to do after subscribing RSS news?

    The RSS news that you have subscribed will be displayed in Sidebar Subscription folder. Click the subscription items to open the page of news list and you will see the most recent information in websites.

    RSS news will be updated automatically every 30 minutes, so that you can keep up with the updated information.

    You can change the update time interval and the way to display subscription items in Options.

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