You can achieve different functions via shortcuts in TheWorld Browser.

Please go to Options→Advanced→Shortcuts and you can add shortcuts that you want.

The following shortcuts are proveded in TheWorld by default.

Tab Control:

Switch to previous tab: F2、Alt+↑

Switch to next tab: F3、Alt+↓

Switch tab: Ctrl+Tab、Ctrl+Shift+Tab

New tab: Ctrl+T

Duplicate tab: Ctrl+K

Close current tab: Ctrl+W、Ctrl+F4

Close all tabs: Ctrl+Shift+W

Restored recent tabs: Ctrl+E、Alt+Z


Stop: ESC

Refresh: F5

Mandatory Refresh: Ctrl+F5

Refresh all tabs: Shift+F5

Webpage mute: Ctrl+Shift+M

Add to favorites: Ctrl+D

Find keywords: Ctrl+F

New window: Ctrl+N

Open files: Ctrl+O

Print: Ctrl+P

Save webpage: Ctrl+S

Display/hide Favorite Bar: Ctrl+B

Display/hide Side Bar: Ctrl+Shift+S

Display/hide Favorite Menu: Alt+A

Display Tools menu: Alt+T

Shortcuts coupled with mouse actions:

Open links in new tab: Ctrl+Click the link

Open links in new window: Shift+Click the link

Zoom in: Ctrl+Scroll wheel up

Zoom out: Ctrl+Scroll wheel down

Restore to 100%: Ctrl+Alt+Scroll wheel

Save media: Ctrl+Alt+Click media in pages

Show URL of media: Ctrl+Alt+Shift+Click media in pages

If you need more help for using TheWorld,please Enter TheWorld Forum.