Here, we give our most sincere thanks to all the international volunteers who have helped us with TheWorld browser, it has been your hard work which has made TheWorld browser what it is. Let peace, health and happiness be with you.

English site and files translator

Name: Andy

Age: 24

Hometown: Heilongjiang, China

Words: It is my favorite web browser, for it is exquisite and speedy. I think that's why it can stand out from other browsers. To be simple but connotative, it is the key to make achievements.

Earnestly hope all of you could enjoy and love this fantastic browser. With TheWorld Browser, we browse the world!

Thanks for bringing us such a perfect application. The Studio, Fighting!!!

Korean translator

Name: Kang Min Choul

Age: 39

Hometown: cheong-ju, Korea

Words: TheWorld is my favorite web browser, Thanks to TheWorld team. I wish TheWorld become a world best web broswer.

Traditional Chinese translator

Name: Xiao Wei

Age: 13

Hometown: Taiwan

Words: TheWorld browser is dreamy little and functional, very recommend you to use it! Thanks for give me a opportunity to translate TheWorld. I wish TheWorld better and more people use it!

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