Here, we give our most sincere thanks to all the international volunteers who have helped us with TheWorld browser, it has been your hard work which has made TheWorld browser what it is. Let peace, health and happiness be with you.
Theworld english forum moderator (a senior engineer)
Name: Eric
Age: 62
Hometown: Rochester Hills, MI, USA for location.
Words: The bright, young developers of TheWorld browser have created what I consider a truly superior product (and I have used hundreds of software products in my 23 years working with PC's). It is fast, has a small memory footprint, and contains many truly useful features and some unique capabilities. This has become my default browser and I never find the need or desire to use IE7 or Firefox. I recommend this browser to everyone, whether they spend a little or a lot of time surfing the Internet. Well done Phoenix Studios!

English site and files translator
Name: Andy
Age: 24
Hometown: China, heilongjiang
Words: It is my favorite web browser, for it is exquisite and speedy. I think that's why it can stand out from other browsers. To be simple but connotative, it is the key to make achievements. Earnestly hope all of you could enjoy and love this fantastic browser. With TheWorld Browser, we browse the world! Thanks for bringing us such a perfect application. The Studio, Fighting!!!

English site and files translator
Name: Icy Ice
Age: 20
Hometown: Beijing, China, live in Canada
Words: You guys are great! Keep up the good work and amaze us!

Dutch translator
Name: Ruud Verdouw
Age: 60
Hometown: Hometown is Arnhem, Country is the Netherlands.
Words: I wish theworld team lots of luck and that lots of people will use theworld browser.

English site translator(a college teacher)
Name: Alex
Age: 33
Hometown: China, heilongjiang
Words: I believe that theworld can bring the world to you. I admire theworld goup's courage to remain independent with the pressure and competition from the bigshots such as google and microsoft.

Korean translator
Name: Shon Kyeong-Che
Age: 26
Hometown: Seoul, South Korea
Words: Really hope, 'TheWorld' Browser be the 'World Popular Browser'
God bless you

Korean translator
Name: MinO Ku
Age: 26
Hometown: Home Town : Chung Ju, ChungBuk
Country : Korea
Words: There is nothing more beautiful than challenge.
Although we know that "Challenge is very important thing", but we don't realize this.
Now, we can see challenge from theworld team.
They efforts everything to make better web life.
We should remember efforts that is from theworld team.

Portugal translator
Name: Alexandre Fonseca
Age: 16
Hometown: Lisbon, Portugal
Words: Best wishes and I hope you'll be able to improve this spectacular browser even more than it already is!

Tranditional Chinese translator
Name: Bay
Age: n/a
Hometown: China, shanxi
Words: May theworld open her window, into her dream!

Germany translator
Name: Ralf Langowski
Age: 37
Hometown: Wetter (Ruhr), NRW Germany
Words: A word for theworld team or for theworld browser or for theworld user. It is a big honour to be allowed to participate for me in this community. Continues everything thus and promotes the project further. TheWorld is a very good software. The Skins are first-class!!! What does anyone want more?

Metalink guide
Name: Anthony Bryan
Age: 30
Hometown: Pompano Beach, Florida, USA.
Words: I like TheWorld Browser for many reasons, but I use the integrated download manager the most!

Switzerland translator
Name: R.Chabloz
Age: 35
Hometown: Montreux/Switzerland
Words: I like thewold browser, because it is very stable and fast. Thank you very much for your job.

Belgium translator
Name: Jan Van der Borght
Age: 24
Hometown: Betekom, Belgium
Words: a word for theworld team: High five for making such a handy application! Keep on going!
a word for theworld user: Let's spread this news like a running fire!
a word for theworld browser: Thanks for making my day(s)!

There are too many people give there help to theworld browser, most of them does not give us his detail info, they are: Leider Cabiedes, Mohammed Al-Foulad,Alexandre Fonseca, Dobrontei Sandor.

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