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RSS View
Name: RSSView
Author: Phoenix Studio

Func: Sidebar Plugin, rss relate.

Ver: at 2007.03
Download: Size 67KB  
Name: SysState
Author: Phoenix Studio

Intro: a status bar plugin, show system infomation, such as web site's ping speed, network band width, IP, memory status and so on.

Version: at 2007.12
Download: Size 14KB  
Name: Sticker
Author: Phoenix Studio

Intro: a status bar plugin or a single instance application, you can drop any text into it to quick save it.

Special: Catch any html window's source file or text
1. Click to active the html window you want to catch.
2. Click sticker window to active, then sticker get the last actived html window.
3. Press Ctrl+F1 to catch html windows's html source; Press Ctrl+F2 to catch html window's text.
Version: at 2008.5
Download: Size 17KB  
Name: PageMark
Author: Phoenix Studio

Intro: Add bookmark for a page.

Special: Ctrl+F2 Add Mark, Alt+F2 View Mark
Version: 1.0 at 2006.1
Download: Size 2KB  
Name: PowerBand
Author: AWater

Author Home:

Intro: A sidebar plugin, a professional web page anlysis tool.

Version: at2005.7
Download: Size 165KB  
ViewPage SideBar
Name: ViewPage
Author: ptma

Author Home:

Intro: A sidebar plugin, to show the html page item by class

Version: at 2005.10
Download: Size 671 KB  
Name: SiteInfo
Author: Phoenix Studio

Intro: A statusbar plugin, show current web site's google/alexa rank

Version: at 2007.11
Download: Size 24KB  

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