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21/12/2010 The running speed is substantially increased. It is strongly recommended to upgrade.
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Software Features

  • Resource Usage Control

    With advanced Mixed Process Mode, Memory usage will not remains very high after a long period of time.

  • Anti-Crash, Anti-Freezing

    The excellent framework that separates the web page and ui window. It can drastically avoid the freezing or crash because of the problem web pages.

  • A High Speed

    The intelligent function of Performance Optimize can reduce both CPU usage and memory usage significantly, which makes your TheWorld runs with a higher speed.

  • Private Browsing

    From now on, don't be afraid that web pages you browsed will be seen by other people.

  • Skin & Color Changes

    You can change personalized skins freely. moreover you can change the color of TheWorld as you wish.

  • Enhanced Download

    Enhanced downloader is tiny and practical. It supports functions such as multi-session and resumable download. it`s a good helper for surfing the web.

  • More Considerate Functions

    With considerate functions such as Webpage Mute, Smart Address Bar, Suggestion of Search Bar, you can surf the web more conveniently and easily.

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